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Health Monster has a baby

Health Monster is BACK

New mummy getting back into blogging and fitness!

It may of been quiet around here as 10 weeks ago i gave birth to my little boy Elijah!

I have been recovering from labour and adapting to my baby’s needs with giving him lots of attention. Motherhood is wonderful and after ten weeks i now feel we are in some sort of a routine so i can get back to blogging whilst enjoying being a mum!new mum There may be a few late night post for a while as i will be blogging whilst my baby sleeps!

During pregnancy i gained around three stone as my fitness routine significantly reduced. I always ate well during pregnancy with lots of fruit and vegetables to ensure i was getting the nutrients but i did take advantage of the cravings and enjoyed a few sweet treats.

After ten weeks of resting since i gave birth i now feel fully recovered and ready to get back into a healthy lifestyle! It is going to take a while to get back into those pre-pregnancy clothes, though i am determined to get into shape and eat healthy!

Keep following my story on how i get on with losing the baby weight after pregnancy! Here are my top tips on losing baby weight

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