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How to lose baby weight

Top Tips of losing weight after baby

New mums weight loss tips

Once you have had your six week checkup with the doctor, you may start to feel ready to lose the baby weight. The thought of improving your health and fitness after having a baby can seem a bit daunting as you have had nine months of nurturing your growing baby and maybe enjoying the sweet or savoury Baby Weightcravings! Though it really doesn’t have to be stressful as you can make small improvements to your diet and fitness each week.

It has been ten weeks since i gave birth to my little boy and its only now that I feel that we have some sort of routine so I can now have a little focus on my health. My son is very active and he seems to only have two short naps in the day and these only last between 30-40 minutes! These short naps are my only opportunity to have time to myself for either a nap or to get fit!

I have gained three stone during pregnancy and I am struggling to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes even though i ate fairly healthy throughout pregnancy. I was extremely active prior to pregnancy and i would be either running or at a gym class everyday. This high impact activity slowed down during pregnancy and after birth, exercise has been pretty much non-existent.

Now I have my little boy i know its going to be highly unlikely for me to be doing gym classes everyday! I love being a mother and adore spending time with him at home, so I need to improve my lifestyle and adapt to my new way of life.

Here are my top tips of how to lose baby weight.

Keep healthy snacks when feeding

I am feeding my little boy with breast milk so we spend a lot of time relaxing at home and feeding. To make healthy snackslife easier I order my shopping online at ASDA each week and ensure the online basket is full of fruit and vegetables so i have a healthy alternative to fulfil my sugar cravings. I prepare a box full of chopped carrots, peppers, celery and cucumbers and place these in the fridge ready for when its feeding time. I regularly make a fruit salad full of plums, oranges, apples, kiwis and alternate this mixture each week with fruits which are on special offer. Before my son’s feed i quickly get the feeding station set up with a plate full of chopped fruit and vegetables so I can snack the healthy way whilst feeding my newborn.

Drink lots of Water

Water is always good for you and its even more important for new mums to stay hydrated.  I purchased a pram water bottledrinks holder for my pram to encourage me to stay hydrated whilst on the move. I found that the Exous stainless steel water bottle was the best water bottle to use whilst on the move as it stays cool and it is slim enough to fit in the drinks holder. Having the drinks holder on my pram has helped remind me to drink more and made it easier to do so! I also make sure the water bottle is nearby whilst feeding my baby.

Short bursts of fitness is better than none

I found that my baby is very active in the daytime and even though he is 10 weeks old he seems to nap only once or twice a day for the maximum time of 45 minutes. I previously felt that there is no point getting my gym kit on as soon as I do he will wake up! This was the wrong attitude as I can do a high impact workout in 10-20 minutes! I now place my gym kit downstairs and my laptop is at the ready! I have found some motivating online fitness videos which are perfect for a high impact 10-20 minute workout to lose baby weight. These high impact workouts are the best fitness videos to do at home and they are also free! Take a look at some of the top weight loss YouTube Videos here

Make calming the baby fun!

My newborn needs lots of cuddles and attention especially when he is crying! When i have fed, burped and changed his nappy he still is crying! To comfort him i find gently rocking side to side helps calm him so i decided to make this side-rock into a squat! Now i can multi-task and calm my baby to sleep whilst I squat and tone my legs and bum!

Supplements after pregnancy

In the next few months i will most likely stop breast-feeding and begin to look at the natural fat burners and natural weight loss products which are available online. These natural fat burners will give me a natural energy boost to maximise the performance of my at home workouts to help me lose baby weight.

What are your top weight loss tips?

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