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Slimming and Weight Loss results

Results of Slimming and Weight loss

Achieving weight loss goals through fitness, healthy eating and slimming supplements

I am 6 months into my life changing health and fitness lifestyle, which is to focus on improving my diet and exercise. Over the last 6 months i have gradually lost 2 stone and i am now consistently staying at the same weight each week! I don’t have any plans to lose any more as i happy with my routine and i have significantly notice the performance in running as i used to be around 9 minutes per mile and now i can get to 7.37mins per mile which i think i could still improve on.

Boosting my weight loss results

To boost my weight loss results i felt i needed to find a healthy, natural weight loss supplement to give me an energy boost whilst doing my fitness regime. My view on the weight loss supplements was to take the slimming supplement alongside my fitness regime and healthy eating program. I did a lot of research to find the best weight loss supplement for my lifestyle and discovered that the green coffee bean extract supplement would be best for me. I needed more energy and a natural boost to enhance my weight loss and fitness goals. I shopped around to find the most trusted brand to buy the green coffee bean extract capsules and i found that the evolution slimming online store had the best offer and a bonus of having free standard delivery.


Cutting out bad food from the daily diet

Throughout my gradual weight loss i have been focused on eating better with adding treats (though being picky with having treats i love rather than just like such as having Green and Blacks chocolate which i love rather than a Galaxy bar. I started mixing in exercise into my weekly routine with boot camps, spin class, running and sometimes cycling when the weather is better!

Fitness workouts to achieve weight loss

I am quiet impatient so i did throw myself exercise (though i was running around 30miles a week prior to my 2 stone weight loss), i just made sure i had my rest days and mixed up the type of exercise. Now after losing the weight and eating a good balance of superfoods i feel i have much more energy to burn! My job is working online so i am at an office desk all day, so not really burning anything! I try and mix up my exercise by doing some before work and then other days doing after work, now i am at my fittest, my normal fitness routine is…

  • Monday – 3 mile sprint run & 30mins weights at the gym
  • Tuesday – 30 min HIIT Class and 5/6 mile run (speed run)
  • Wednesday – Kettle bells/weight training (45 mins)
  • Thursday – Either 5/6 mile or 10 mile cycle (leisure pace)
  • Friday – Circuit Class
  • Saturday – 45 min spin class or 5k sprint run
  • Sunday – maybe a day off or a leisure run (occasionally)weight loss results

This workout plan maybe a little too much for the majority of people who have families or long working hours. If you are on a new goal on losing weight and improving your general health and fitness, take it slow! Don’t rush in to signing up to every class in the gym and drastically changing your diet to only healthy foods, as you will only start to crave foods and want to binge on sugary/salty snacks and you will just get worn out!

Advice on achieving weight loss

Each day try making a diary of your usual routine of what food and drinks you are consuming and commit to one day of the week to be a healthy day so no sugary snacks and each meal to be prepared from only fresh ingredients for lunch you could try porridge then at lunch maybe a tuna salad or if your are wanting to get into whole foods, try quinoa with vegetables and salad and for evening meal maybe brown rice and a homemade curry, include snacks of fruit, nuts (eating good stuff regularly works).


On the healthy day, try a new gym class or go out for a run/cycle. Stick to this healthy day commitment and each week review your list of foods which you have been consuming and see if the following week if there is any foods which you could cut out or swap for a healthier snack. Then start to introduce the healthy day to two days and see how you can cope with that and gradually see if you can start to increase these new healthy foods into your daily routine. On my healthy days i would have the green coffee bean extract supplement whether for breakfast or evening meal and i found it gave me the energy boost for my workout.

green coffee bean extractFor the first 3 months of my new healthy routine i was logging my food/drink consumption and tracking my exercise activities along with a weekly weigh in. After these 3 months i had a clear idea on what foods worked for me and what i could cut out. I cut out alcohol totally for 3 months and then started to introduce it as a treat when i went out for a meal at the weekend or a catchup with friends.  I also increased the amount of Green Tea i was drinking to now have on average 7/8 cups a day and where possible having coffee with no milk (unless i fancy a treat and i will head to COSTA). I began to make superfood smoothies for days when i went for a speed run or to boot camp at the gym, to give me a boost of energy to improve my performance, take a look at some of my smoothie recipes and some of my main healthy meal recipes. All of my main meals include the stable product of coconut oil!

The core foods i am eating:

  • Porridge
  • Chia seeds
  • Quinoa (sometimes i swap this to Brown Rice/Brown Spaghetti or Bulgar Wheat)
  • Kale
  • Maca Powder ( i sprinkle this on my smoothies which i have on exercise days)
  • Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Coconut Water

Some of the superfoods can be a little pricey in the supermarkets, so if you have tried the superfood take a look online to see if you can bulk buy the product so you can enjoy more of it on daily basis. Here are some links to the products i have brought online:

Where to buy superfoods?

I brought all my superfood food powders from Amazon and i brought the coconut oil from Here are the links to the superfood products i regularly buy online.

Where to buy fitness and weight loss supplements?

There are so many fitness supplements from a wide range of brands, i discovered that the store had the best offering of slimming supplements and it was a doctor trusted website. I am impatient and i loved that they offered free standard delivery and it was delivered within a couple of days. I purchased the green coffee bean extract supplement to give me the energy boost to enhance my fitness and achieve weight loss.

I have done a recent article featuring the best slimming pills in 2015, so take a read and find out more about weight loss and fitness supplements to achieve your goal.

Since losing the weight i have discovered new weight loss supplements which are more advanced and achieve both appetite suppression, energy boost and a fat burner. For more advice and articles on weight loss and slimming pills visit my weight loss page.

green coffee bean

Good luck on your weight loss journey and let me know how you get on!

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