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Top Tips on buying 100% pure Acai berry

Weight loss supplement advice for Acai Berry

Are you getting 100% Pure Acai Berryacai berry?

Are you looking to buy a pure Acai berry weight loss supplement? With so many different sellers offering Acai berry weight loss supplements and weight loss pills, as a consumer it’s often difficult to find one that’s the real deal.  Below are three handy tips on buying 100% pure acai berry to help YOU avoid the rip-offs and scams and make a great, genuine purchase TODAY.


Top Tips on buying 100% Pure Acai Berry weight loss supplements

1.    Where are you buying Acai Berry from?

The UK has a select few of reputable companies selling official Açaí berry products. Always go for an Açaí berry product from the UK which has plenty of information and reviews on their açaí berry. Reviews on Açaí berry products are vital to back up the quality of the stated product, especially if these are independent high-profile reviews. Only one company’s Açaí berry has been reviewed by the national press (Sunday Express) and that is Evolution Slimming’s 100% Pure Açaí. It’s worth noting that a review of a product is very different to an advertisement – reviews are non-biased so you can be sure you’re getting the truth!
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2.    How do I check it’s really 100% Pure?

Buying acai berry online can sometimes leave you unsure which products are 100% Pure Açaí berry. The best way to check is of course to analyse the weight loss supplements ingredients. Websites selling supplements should always show the ingredients in full. Of course, if the product is being sold as a ‘100% Pure Açaí’ supplement, then being pure, it should only have one ingredient… Açaí berry! I strongly advise going for the whole fruit and NOT an extract. Extracts usually contain soy or oils to fill out the bulk of the capsule and contain hardly any açaí berry at all. Always ensure there are only TWO ingredients at most – the açaí berry and the capsule shell! Evolution Slimming’s Acai berry contains only 100% Pure Açaí berry fruit and the vegetable capsule shell. In addition to the clear ingredients list, they also show a clear side-by-side photograph of the berry powder capsules opened up to reveal a genuine, deep purple powder.

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3.    What sort of price does genuine Acai berry cost?

If you’ve already been looking around at various acai berry weight loss products, or are just about to; you’ll see there are so many different price ranges for açaí berry. What i have found is that quality açaí berry isn’t cheap, and ‘get what you pay for’ springs to mind. I have seen some bargain-basement açaí products from as little as £5, which when analysed contain very little acai berry, and an extract at that. Good, premium quality açaí berry should cost around £19-£50 per bottle. Acai berry, being native to South America (and grown high on palms) isn’t cheap to harvest and import. 100% Pure Açaí Berry available from Evolution Slimming costs from as little as £19.99 for a 30 day supply of 100% Pure Acai Berry weight loss supplement.

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